All About : Slipcovers

Have you noticed slipcovered sofas are trending? It’s true! This time around they’re not your mother’s beige canvas oversized “slipcover” from days past. They are beautifully tailored and (hopefully) are made specifically for that piece of furniture with a beautiful linen, or a soft, simple cotton.

At Couch, everything we make is custom & completely built to order, and we provide a number of styles that look great slipcovered, as well as many different fabrics to custom slipcover your new sofa or chair with that are machine washable. Here in Seattle, where pets outnumber people, a machine washable slipcover could change your entire outlook on sofa shopping.

Benefits of slipcovers extend beyond just tossing it in the washing machine, though! We can make multiple slipcovers for one piece so you can change them seasonally, we can make a slipcover for cat-lovers out of machine washable velvet (cats don’t typically scratch velvet!), and we can even upholster a sofa, as well as make a slipcover to go atop the upholstery for occasions when you know you’re going to need a little extra cleanability.

What styles can we slipcover?

Well, since we build everything custom, let your imagination be your guide (mostly). However, there are some sofas we make here at Couch that we recommend over others for a slipcover. Here are a few of our favorites:

1.       The Belgium

The Belgium is a sofa of many personalities. Putting a high-end linen or linen blend slipcover on it, for example, gives the Belgium a very casual, on trend look. Think Restoration Hardware.


2.       The Cirrus

The Cirrus absolutely prefers to have a linen or cotton slipcover. The massiveness of this sofa lends surprisingly well to the delicacy of linen and linen blends. However, if you put a 100% cotton slipcover on it, we can have the entire thing pre-washed and stitched specifically so you can machine wash it! How great is that?


3.       The Hampton

The Hampton is great in a white or light-colored cotton slipcover. This fluffy, tuxedo-armed gem with a white cotton slipcover looks like it just came from a sunny beach house in Southern California. It’s casual, but looks tailored in all the right places … and can be made to machine wash as well! Are you expecting company? The Hampton is also great as a sleeper sofa. Since everything is custom & built to order, we can add all the bells and whistles you need.

Hampton White1

4.       The Kentwood

The Kentwood is a unique shape that is both casual and refined. The slipcover gives it a loose, relaxed look and the thin curved back and delicate arms provide style.

kentwood slipcover.JPG

5.       The Dune

The Slipcovered Dune has a relaxed look with a beachy flare. You can even add a flange seam to the slipcover for a slightly more on-trend, refined look. The Dune works best when slipcovered in something like a cotton, linen, or another natural-blend fabric.

dune sec.jpg

Whatever your sofa needs, we are ready to help you create your dream sofa! We have many styles to choose from, and since we custom build everything in our factory in Los Angeles, there is a lot we can do to truly make your sofa fit your needs.

Rosie Meyer