All the Secrets About Suspension Types

At COUCH we use 3 different suspension options. All are lifetime guaranteed and all serve different functions. Here is a brief description of each type of spring set. We can use any of these types of spring sets in most of our sofa styles, and each one feels different than the other. Come in and talk to one of our dedicated designers to learn more about which one will work best for your lifestyle.


A horizontal metal band of S' that run front to back of your sofa, chair, etc. Sinuous is the most widely used suspension in our furniture, and has a medium softness compared to the other suspension types we offer.



Nylon Webbing

An old fashioned method of furniture suspension, thick nylon straps are crosshatched and secured along the frame. Tends to yield a firmer seat. One of our standard construction methods. This suspension method also is much narrower than the other suspension types, so a couple of our more streamlined, narrowly-proportioned models are shown in nylon webbing on the showroom floor.



8-Way Hand Tie

The upgraded suspension that we offer at COUCH. Individual coils are hand tied 8 times providing a softer sit. We also offer a "soft edge" option, which yields an even softer, more plush seat. As you may have guessed from the name of the “soft-edge” 8-way hand tie, the rail (the horizontal frame under the seat cushions) gives way to weight applied, giving you a very dreamy sit.

Come in and have a sit! One of our designers will work with you to determine what suspension set is best for your lifestyle, and the style of sofa you have chosen.

Rosie Meyer