means custom


what’s that mean for me?

We can make any sofa bigger or smaller, deeper or shallower, softer or firmer.

Pick your style, your size that fits your home, and your details.

You can change the stain on your legs, the buttons on your cushions, you can even transform a sofa into a sectional to fit your specific space (built to any full inch dimension!). Or bring a picture of your dream sofa and we just might be able to make it for you.

Think of us as a workshop where the options are nearly unlimited. Our goal is to make your sofa.

First step: choose your style

reverse camelback black leather 3x2.jpg


Because a Chesterfield looks good more places than you might think. Details like nail heads and diamond tufting have stood the test of time.

see more traditional styles

slope arm 34 3x2.jpg


Because sometimes you need a sofa that can move with you anywhere you go, no matter what style your future home.

see more transitional styles

Mid-century 3x2.jpg


Often smaller in scale, straight lines and squared-off proportions of 60 years ago are still relevant.

see more mid-century styles

Allison Sofa Grey Edited 3x2.jpg


Often sleek and architectural, low and minimal.

see more modern styles

Claire bella loveseat detail.jpg

Next: Choose your size


We can build most styles as chairs, sofas, or sectionals! And to any full inch dimension, so we can truly tailor each piece to your unique space!



Most styles can easily be a chair! Just shrink it down to size, and there you go! Of course, we have some styles that glorify the individual chair, so check out our styles and see what works best for your home!



Want something loungy? A sofa-chaise might work great in your space! With plenty of space for sitting and some prime real estate for cozying up, most sofa styles work amazingly with a chaise, and some can even be reversible!



Most sofas can become a sectional no problem. And with customization to-the-inch on either side, we can always make a sectional fit your home.

Looking for Banquettes, Sleepers, Beds or Chaises? We have those too!

Just by talking to one of our talented designers in our showroom, we can help you get a feel for what works best in your home. We can provide help with style, sizing, color and all the other little details that come with buying a custom couch! Trust us, we’re the experts.

Give us a call or come in any time!

Then: come chat with us!


All hand-built in Los Angeles

Let us show you our new factory and tell you how these sofas are made! We’re proud to say that we only use the best materials for our sofa.


Eco-friendly couches

Oh yes, we can do that too.

Many clients come to us wanting a chemical free couch that promotes a healthy environment and clean air. Fewer people are quite as clear on what that involves. We are here to help our clients understand the ins and outs of eco-friendly couch construction and how that affects the cost of the finished product.


 ( need more help? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out our How To Order page for more information on our process )


All clearance pieces are ready to go today for your instant-gratification needs! All of these pieces are here on the floor, so come try them out!


 For more information, read our BLOG to learn more about latest trends, in-depth deep dives about our details, and more!