Applying for Couch’s Designer programs

At this time we are unable to open either program to designers without a current Washington State Reseller Permit.  You will need to apply to the program and be approved before you or your client’s purchases will be eligible to receive discounts or referral incentives. Any orders placed before applications are approved cannot be discounted or incentivised.  

To participate in our designer referral or discount program, please fill out the from below and attach a copy of your WA State Resellers Permit.  While we ask you to indicate your preferred program we may not be able to authorize you for your first choice.



Designer Discount Program

The main goal of the designer discount program is to establish good relationships with local interior design professionals, nurture repeat business, and streamline the order process.  As a result, we expect designers to be hands-on and guide their client through their decision making process. This works best when designer, client, and Couch staff are all in the same room at the same time. If you plan on your client visiting the showroom please make sure you accompany them.

If you would prefer the client does not have any contact with couch and are comfortable making all decisions on their behalf, we are happy to work that way as well. You will also need to be the point person on invoicing, payment and delivery. Your contact information will be used for orders and your client cannot pay Couch directly.  If you are approved for this program and are prepared to manage orders on your client’s behalf, we are happy to extend you a 15% discounts on all custom orders and accessories, excluding clearance items and replicas.


Designer Referral Program

If your business model does not involve purchasing and project management or you are an architecture firm without an full service interiors department but are interested in referring clients to Couch for their seating needs, we offer referral incentives to designers. Your clients can purchase from us directly and you do not need to come in with them to make their selections and all delivery logistics will be addressed directly with the client.

Once you are approved to be part of our referral program, please let us know when you send us a client and their quotes will be filed under your name. Please make sure your clients give your name to the salesperson they are working with. In order for an order to be eligible for a referral incentive you will need to let us know your clients are coming in before they place their order. Incentives are per item flat rates listed below.  Accessories, clearance items and replica work are not eligible for referral incentives. Checks will be sent out within a month of the sofa delivery.

Chair $50

Loveseat $75

Couch $100

Sectional $150

3 pc. Sectional $200



Unless a designer specifies otherwise as the start of the appointment, we will review retail pricing with clients. If you would like us to not review pricing with your client, please be aware that our floor models do have tags with retail pricing clearly listed on them. Couch staff generally does not volunteer information about the designer programs to clients, but will answer questions when asked. Couch does not offer separate invoices showing full price for the customer and discounted prices for designers in the Discount program. The designer is welcome to invoice the client for any amount through their company. For designers in the referral program we will provide clients with full price invoices and pay referral fees to designers via check. Prices quoted to designers will be retail prices, we do not apply any discounts or referral incentives until the order is placed.

If you’d like to apply for our Designer Discount or Referral program, please fill out the form below:

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What's your process working with your clients? What work have you done in the past? Which program fits your business best?