Order Custom Made Sofa in Seattle | How To Order | COUCH

Order a custom-made sofa right here in Seattle. Visit our website to learn how to order a sofa designed to fit your space and décor perfectly.


The first step in ordering your custom couch is selecting a template frame to start with. Here at COUCH, we work from hundreds of templates provided by our four small Los Angeles factories. Most of these templates are very customizable. You can browse the options on the website or come into the store and visit our floor models and take a look at our catalogs. Don't see exactly what you had in mind? No problem, we do some replica work as well as our standard styles.


Almost every piece at COUCH is custom to the inch in both length and depth. While not every style looks great in every size or as a sectional, we can help you make slight adjustments to suit your space. When the sky is the limit in terms of size, it can be very helpful to take some blue painters tape and block out the size of your piece on the floor. This will give us some basic dimensions to work with and help make sure your couch is well-scaled to the space.


It is very important to make sure a sofa is comfortable as well as beautiful. At any given time, we will have over a dozen floor models to give you an opportunity to try out a variety of different cushion fills and seating geometry options. At this point, we will help you integrate your aesthetic and seating preferences to make sure you don't end up with Frankenstein's monster.


We have dozens of fabric and leather options to choose from in a myriad of colors. Most covers are available on most sofas. We can recommend options that will optimize durability based on your lifestyle.


Last but not least we will help you work out details like leg style and finish, tufting and nail heads.