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Tara Flores



Tara Flores is an artist and mother of two. After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2007 with a BFA in Painting, her focus has been on creating brightly colored, large-scale abstract paintings layered with organic shapes and dashes inspired by the microscopic subject matter of our Inner Space, emotional landscapes and the movement and conservation of energy. She has adapted these and similar topics for both private commissions and local solo shows. Tara’s work has been chosen for juried exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle, in addition to recently being featured in the late Summer 2017 print issue of Art Maze Magazine. Her work continues to evolve. She lives with her family in the woods near Seattle, WA.

Artist Statement

"Most people are familiar with emotional boundaries in relationships, especially when they’re crossed. My latest series of abstract paintings also considers the boundaries of our physical bodies in space at the energetic level.

Most of us operate as if there are defined limits to what we think of as "self" but what happens when we scale down and see that we're made of atoms that are mostly made of space? Or that there are far more bacterial cells holding our body together than human ones? A feeling I’ve tried to capture in my work is the moment when I’ve kept so still and have become so relaxed that I can no longer feel where my body ends and the space around me begins. Like all my atoms are spreading out and floating away. Maybe this is why setting emotional boundaries is so hard. There’s not a strict “us and them,” “this or that,” “me vs. you.” Energy is fluid, we are space and we are movement. It’s not in our nature to be contained.

I paint what I would want this tiny science to look like. The beautiful, awe-inspiring energy of it all. The boundaries, the membranes, the movement and scale of life. All of my work is about energy and movement- the essential elements of existence. It’s the movement of energy as emotion, in life, in death, as light, and as information. I visualize the peaks and valleys of emotion and imagine inner landscapes of our bodies, our cells, our psyches. I wonder how knowledge moves between membranes and how chemicals help us grieve. It’s this inner space that feels so tiny and mysterious and yet so all-encompassing that I want to explore." -TARA FLORES



Allison Lazar





Fiber artist and American Craft Council Member, Allison Lazar shows everything from wearables to wall hangings to watchamajigs. Macramazing is a part of the latest revival of an ancient art of knotting.

With a Bachelor in Fine Arts from University of Washington and 15 years of work in macramé, Allison recently started working it into her daily physical therapy for her hands. Vision + craftsmanship go hand-in-hand to create a stunning variety of pieces with integrity and flare. Each piece is individually inspired by the flexibility and texture of the fibers + curated found items. Amazing Macrame.